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Various : Goth Electro - Tribute To Depeche Mode
  [on Goth Electro - Tribute To Depeche Mode, CD, Cleopatra Records, clp 1523-2, 2005, Website]
  Another "recycling" tribute from Cleopatra Records, four tracks have already been released earlier:
  Talla 2XLC - Enjoy The Silence
  Orphans Of Infamy - It's No Good
  Freezepop - Photographic (at least this time it's not part of a megamix)
  The Scaras - Get The Balance Right (released several times, sometimes as The Scarabs, sometimes as The Scaras)
  Tina Root later formed the band Tre Lux.
       Shiny Toy Guns - Stripped (3:36)
       Tina Root (Of Switchblade Symphony) - Never Let Me Down Again (4:25)
       Talla 2XLC - Enjoy The Silence (7:13)
       Soil & Eclipse - Everything Counts (Death Guild Mix) (6:39)
       Razed In Black - Lie To Me (5:45)
       Disown - Policy Of Truth (4:31)
       Orphans Of Infamy - It's No Good (3:58)
       Pseudocipher - But Not Tonight (4:48)
       Implant - People Are People (4:28)
       Freezepop - Photographic (4:14)
       The Scaras - Get The Balance Right (6:26)
       Harshrealm - In Your Room (5:40)
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Various : The Ultimate Depeche Mode Tribute
  [on The Ultimate Depeche Mode Tribute (Various Artists), 2CD, Cleopatra Records / Cherry Red Records, REDLINE 41, 2009, Website]
  This is probably the worst tribute compilation I've ever seen! It doesn't contain any new track at all, but only tracks released already long before on several earlier tribute compilations by this record company. But that's not all - this compilation is so full of errors and mistakes that I just cannot imagine in what questionable constitution the makers of this compilation must have been...
  See yourself, here's the track list printed on the sleeve:
  Disc 1:
  1. Shiny Toy Guns - Stripped
  2. Blamphemous Gardens - Blasphemous Rumours
  3. Sirens Of Sound - Everything Counts
  4. Bypass Unit - I Just Canít Get Enough
  5. The Ineffable - Enjoy The Silence
  6. Company Of None - Just Canít Get Enough
  7. Disown - Policy Of Truth
  8. Orphans Of Infamy - Itís No Good
  9. Hineon - Policy Of Truth
  10. Audio Science - Strangelove
  11. Awakened - I Feel Loved
  Disc 2:
  1. Orchestrating Noise - Personal Jesus
  2. Para One - Any Second Now
  3. Harshrealm - In Your Room
  4. The Ineffable - Enjoy The Silence (Hello?! This track is already listed for Disc 1 !?)
  5. Godheads - One Caress
  6. Orchestrating Noise - Shake The Disease
  7. Tina Root Of Switchblade Symphony - Never Let Me Down
  8. Kirk - Behind The Wheel
  9. Freezepop - Photographic
  2. Mirrorman - Little 15
  10. Axis_01 - Pimpf
  11. The Ineffable - I Feel You
  So if you compare this with the real track list included on this compilation (see below, under Tracks), you'll quickly realize numerous disgusting mistakes:
  • the track "Kirk - Behind The Wheel" is included even twice on disc one!
  • the track "Hineon - Policy Of Truth" is again NOT featured, it is again instead "The Ineffable Orchestra - Useless".
  • the track "Audio Science - Strangelove" is not included, although listed on the sleeve.
  • the track "The Ineffable (Orchestra) - Enjoy The Silence" is not included, although listed on the sleeve, and even listed for both disc one AND disc two!!!
  • the track "The Ineffable (Orchestra) - I Feel You" is not included, although listed on the sleeve.
  • "Personal Jesus" has never been recorded by "Orchestrating Noise", although the cover track listing pretends this.
  • countless typos, totally wrong orders, wrong info at all, and a very thin booklet without any further liner notes.
  • the actual artwork is different from the artwork announced e.g. on Amazon (see yellow "Outside" scan above).
  • the CD-Text saved on these discs is even different from both the printed and the actual track list; but this would exceed this list of errors...
  • and probably several further errors that I just haven't seen yet...
      So if you feel, too, that this compilation must just be a bad joke and that there's an urgent need for a corrected second edition, please send an e-mail to!
      UPDATE: I received info from the responsible person at Cherry Red that they are going to release a new, corrected edition, although they currently don't know when this edition will be released. As they are not sure if they really have the sources for the track by Hineon (Policy Of Truth), they currently can't say if this track will ever be featured on the re-release. But they feel very sorry for this mess-up and want to tell their sincerest of apologies to all the fans.
           Disc 1:
           Shiny Toy Guns - Stripped (3:34)
           Blasphemous Garden - Blasphemous Rumours (4:59)
           Sirens Of Sound - Everything Counts (4:15)
           Bypass Unit - Just Can't Get Enough (5:54)
           The Ineffable - Never Let Me Down Again (4:23)
           Kirk - Behind The Wheel (7:28)
           Disown - Policy Of Truth (4:29)
           Orphans Of Infamy - It's No Good (3:57)
           Mirrorman - Little 15 (4:36)
           Kirk - Behind The Wheel (7:28)
           Awakened States - I Feel Loved (4:02)
           Disc 2:
           Disorient Nation - Personal Jesus (4:01)
           Para One - Any Second Now (5:51)
           Harshrealm - In Your Room (5:42)
           The Ineffable - Higher Love (5:18)
           Godheads - One Caress (3:27)
           Orchestrating Noise - Shake the Disease (3:22)
           Tina Root (Of Switchblade Symphony) - Never Let Me Down Again (4:24)
           Company Of None - Just Can't Get Enough (3:11)
           Freezepop - Photographic (4:13)
           The Ineffable - Useless (5:48)
           Axis_01 - Pimpf (6:28)
           The Scarabs - Get The Balance Right (6:21)
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