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Sexy Sadie : Blasphemous Rumours
  [on Dream Covers, CD, Subterfuge Records, Ref. 21281CDSG, 2002, Website]
  Band from Mallorca, CD also includes covers from Talk Talk, David Bowie, U2, ...
       Blasphemous Rumours (3:57)
Various : Devocion Por Las Masas - Tributo A Depeche Mode
  [on Devocion Por Las Masas - Tributo A Depeche Mode, CD, El Diablo Distribucion S.L., EDD125CD, 2004]
  The tracks from Digital 21 and Sexy Sadie have been released earlier on their own CDs.
  Dear artist "Deluxe": Your piano interpretation of "Everything Counts" is very nice, same to your vocals. But why the hell didn't you READ the lyrics before singing them? What you sing here is just hilarious, some of your lyrics make no sense at all! Do you really understand what you sing with your own mouth? I believe NOT... :-(
  Anyway - there's also a VERY nice cover on this CD: Luxury's cover of 'Shake The Disease'. My Favourite!!!
       Begoņa - Freelove (6:30)
       Deluxe - Everything Counts (4:23)
       Australian Blonde - People Are People (3:29)
       Maga - Little 15 (4:00)
       Viena #1 - Sometimes (2:09)
       Sexy Sadie - Blasphemous Rumours (3:57)
       Luxury - Shake The Disease (4:29)
       Niņos Mutantes - El Silencio (Enjoy The Silence) (4:18)
       Simo - Walking In My Shoes (5:47)
       Digital 21 - Never Let Me Down Again (4:02)
       Los Acusticas - Tu Único Dios (Personal Jesus) (4:27)
       L Kan - Ama Y Esclavo (Master And Servant) (3:49)
       Dirty Princess - Pleasure, Little Treasure (4:30)
       Alex Under - Monument (5:54)
       Universal Circus - Just Can't Get Enough (2:23)
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