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Sunfly : 17 Karaoke Tracks In The Style Of Depeche Mode
  [on Sunfly Gold Series - 17 karaoke tracks in the style of Depeche Mode, CD+G, Sunfly Media Ltd., GD-037, 2006, Website]
  Comes in cardboard sleeve and contains on screen karaoke lyrics for CD+G compatible players.
       People Are People (4:00)
       Just Can't Get Enough (3:56)
       Barrel Of A Gun (5:28)
       It's No Good (4:22)
       Home (5:12)
       Everything Counts (4:12)
       Dreaming Of Me (3:47)
       Somebody (4:29)
       A Question Of Lust (4:42)
       Never Let Me Down Again (4:51)
       Policy Of Truth (4:32)
       In Your Room (4:24)
       Only When I Lose Myself (4:27)
       Useless (5:08)
       Master & Servant (4:08)
       Personal Jesus (3:56)
       A Question Of Time (4:24)
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Sunfly Karaoke : A Pain That I'm Used To
  [on Sunfly Hits, Vol.239, MP3, Sunfly Karaoke Ltd., 2010, Website]
       A Pain That I'm Used To (In the Style of Depeche Mode) (Karaoke Version) (4:15)
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