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covered by 'Ineffable Orchestra'

The Ineffable Orchestra : The Symphonic Music Of Depeche Mode
  [on The Symphonic Music Of Depeche Mode, CD, Cleopatra Records, CLP 1096-2, 2001, Website]
  To be honest, this "orchestra", conducted by Irmin Hütter, sounds more like one single synthesizer...
  At least nice artwork, reminding of S.O.F.A.D. live
       The Intro
       Never Let Me Down Again (4:20)
       Enjoy The Silence (5:16)
       I Feel You (3:38)
       Little 15 (5:27)
       Stripped (3:59)
       Policy Of Truth (3:43)
       Walking In My Shoes (5:31)
       Useless (5:44)
       Higher Love (5:16)
       Fly On The Windscreen (5:19)
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