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Blind Faith And Envy : Shout
  [on The Charming Factor, CD, Nilaihah Records, nr015, 2004, Website]
  This is the first time that a cover of 'Shout' appears on this site!
       Shout (3:53)
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  [on The Charming Factor, CD, Infacted Recordings, FACT 3019-2, 2004, Website]
  This German edition doesn't have a clear tray, therefore also no artwork behind the tray.
  Also the artwork of the sleeve and the disc are slightly different from the US edition.
       Shout (3:53)
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  [on The Charming Factor Extended, MP3, Silver Echo Records, 2007, Website]
  The "extended" edition of this album has only been released as digital download format and features 4 bonus tracks.
       Shout (3:53)
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Derek Marin : A Tribute To Depeche Mode & Others
  [on A Tribute To Depeche Mode & Others, MP3, Modest Music, 2008, Website]
  All other mixes, remakes or whatever you might call the tracks on this CD, are no cover versions - and even this "cover" version of "Monument" uses some original samples. I doubt that this "tribute" is really official, because Derek Marin has already been known as the maker of a bootleg CD ("DM Modemix") with remixes of original Depeche Mode songs which he tried to sell via several official online shops.
       Monument (Minimal Cover) (5:49)
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Mirage : New Life / Shout
  [on Lila Lilly, 7", Bellaphon, 10005032, 1981]
  This is maybe the most sensational entry on this website, featuring the probably very first cover versions of Depeche Mode songs ever, already released in November 1981!
  The lyrics of these versions are German, although they are no translation - these German lyrics have nothing to do at all with the original lyrics. But the melody and sound of these tracks are purely covered from the original Depeche Mode tracks: "Lila Lilly" from "New Life" and "Olala Paris" from "Shout".
  Mirage was a project by Klaus Munzert, who later formed the synthpop band Silicon Dream, known especially for their 1987 chart hit "Marcello The Mastroianni".
       Lila Lilly (3:36)
       Olala Paris (4:09)
Various : Bright Lights, Dark Room - An Electro B-Side Tribute To Depeche Mode
  [on Bright Lights, Dark Room - An Electro B-Side Tribute To Depeche Mode, 2CD, Cryonica Music, CRYCD020, 2006, Website]
  Comes as double disc digipack (order at
  Featuring some very rare tracks, like the first ever covers of "Newborn", "Sea Of Sin"(!), "Christmas Island" and "Now, This Is Fun"! Possibly the first tribute compilation without "Enjoy The Silence", "Just Can't Get Enough", "Personal Jesus" and "Stripped" ;-).
       Disc 1:
       The Nine - Shout (5:48)
       Octolab - Fools (4:44)
       Armageddon Dildos - Dangerous (4:05)
       Razed In Black - Happiest Girl (5:25)
       Northern Kind - Christmas Island (4:54)
       Technoir - In Your Memory (4:15)
       Inertia - Flexible (4:05)
       Brainclaw - Work Hard (4:06)
       Monstergod - Fly On The Windscreen (5:34)
       FAQ - Pimpf (4:33)
       Fiction 8 - Pleasure, Little Treasure (3:13)
       Page Of Quire - Reason Man (3:41)
       F.P. - My Secret Garden (4:23)
       Dekad - But Not Tonight (4:16)
       Serotonin - Higher Love (6:12)
       Thee Hyphen - In Your Memory (4:48)
       Libitina - Ice Machine (3:35)
       Disc 2:
       Benthic - Stjarna (6:14)
       Alien 6 - Ice Machine (6:00)
       Interface Vs. Viral Consciousness - Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix) (4:25)
       Killing Ophelia - Sea Of Sin (4:05)
       Color Theory - Surrender (4:18)
       Synthphonic - A Question Of Lust (4:11)
       Swarf - Free (4:41)
       Mechanical Cabaret - (Set Me Free) Re-Motivate Me (4:34)
       Pinion - Oberkorn (It's A Small Town) (4:03)
       Blue October - My Joy (4:17)
       Foco - Rush (3:56)
       BlackBlueBlack - Newborn (4:13)
       Waiting For Words - Nothing (5:00)
       Tracer - Now, This Is Fun (3:31)
       Kao Tao - Death's Door (3:13)
       Run Level Zero - Work Hard (2:33)
       Babylonia - Dangerous (4:29)
       Celluloide - Reason Man (3:05)
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