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Ghostwheel : Newborn - A Depeche Mode Cover Album
  [on Newborn - A Depeche Mode Cover Album, CD, Minor Key Records, no cat. #, 2007, Website]
  The song "Interlude" is not a Depeche Mode track.
       Sea Of Sin (5:14)
       Behind The Wheel (5:34)
       Newborn (4:26)
       It Doesn't Matter Two (3:51)
       I Feel Loved (5:49)
       Get Right With Me (3:23)
       Interlude (2:08)
       Sometimes (2:55)
       The Darkest Star (Part 1) (4:57)
       The Darkest Star (Part 2) (7:06)
       It's No Good (5:55)
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My Darkest Star : A Trip Along Depeche Mode
  [on A Trip Along Depeche Mode, CD, My Darkest Star, no cat. #, 2009, Website]
  This is probably the first and only Depeche Mode Tribute Show!
  "A Trip Along Depeche Mode" has been performed regularly since 2007 at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany.
  Felix Knopp (voc), Marco Schmedtje (g), Dirk Ritz (b) and Dog Kessler (dr) are going on a two-hour rock journey through the songs of Depeche Mode. The CD was recorded during a live studio show in 2008 and is available exclusively at the theater's box office or at the shows. Comes in digipack sleeve.
       Useless (5:06)
       Never Let Me Down Again (2:59)
       Only When I Lose Myself (5:12)
       I Feel You (4:31)
       A Question Of Time (2:57)
       Just Can't Get Enough (3:33)
       Barrel Of A Gun (4:18)
       Suffer Well (3:31)
       The Darkest Star (5:06)
       Precious (3:56) (misspelled as "Prescious")
       It's No Good (5:09)
       Enjoy The Silence (4:15)
       Stripped (6:10)

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