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Hot Fox Karaoke : Depeche Mode
  [on Hot Fox Karaoke - Depeche Mode, MP3, Hot Fox Records, 2010]
  This Karaoke release has the same track list as the release from Sunfly (although in different order). The reason for the different track lengths is just because the Sunfly release features long parts of silence, so in fact these releases are absolutely identical!
       Barrel Of A Gun (5:10)
       Dreaming Of Me (3:28)
       Everything Counts (3:51)
       Home (4:52)
       In Your Room (4:05)
       It's No Good (4:04)
       Just Can't Get Enough (3:37)
       Master And Servant (3:49)
       Never Let Me Down Again (4:33)
       Only When I Lose Myself (4:06)
       People Are People (3:39)
       Personal Jesus (3:39)
       Policy Of Truth (4:12)
       A Question Of Lust (4:23)
       A Question Of Time (4:09)
       Somebody (4:11)
       Useless (4:50)
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