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El Signo : Everything Counts
  [on Southern Waves (Various Artists), CD, Eternal Sunday Argentina, ES 2202, 2006, Website]
  Tribute to electropop (Camouflage, Eurythmics, Pet Shop Boys, etc.) from Argentina, comes in digipack.
       El Signo - Everything Counts (5:52)
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elSigno : Signomode
  [on Signomode, MP3, Satragno Music, 2012, Website]
  The version of "I Feel Loved" is the same as the one released on Depeche Mode - Tributo Argentino Vol. 1, while the version of "Everything Counts" is an edited version of the one released on the Southern Waves compilation.
  The album contains also three more cover versions of songs by Pet Shop Boys, Adamski and New Order.
       Enjoy The Silence (4:25)
       Get The Balance Right (3:18)
       I Feel Loved (4:59)
       Everything Counts (4:44)
       Barrel Of A Gun (4:42)
       It Doesn't Matter Two (2:44)
       Photographic (4:39)
       Pleasure, Little Treasure (3:30)
       Nada (Nothing) (4:11)
       Clean (Instrumental) (5:25)
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